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by admin on September 27, 2009

The barramundi fishing blog is going to become, alot more interactive in the coming weeks.

To kick things off I will be loading up some reviews, of essential and innovative barramundi fishing equipment.

Keep a close eye out because, as well as video I will be adding audio to the site.

The aim is to interview as many expert barra fishing experts as possible.

To see what great tips we can come up with.

Anyway check out the first youtube video below.

It’s a review of hookeze, Ross Bain’s invention.

That allows you to tie the perfect half blood knot every time, without ever getting a hook stuck in your
finger again.

Cheers Barra Beanie

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Bass Fishing November 20, 2009 at 2:39 pm

I swear there is nothing better than seeing the smile on their faces when they hook into a fish and a bigger smile after they land it. These are memories neither one of you will ever forget and the bond between you two just got stronger. Now if I can get my little 4 year old girl to not scream and run away after she sees it and will not look terrified when she poses for a picture with her catch.

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