Enjoying Barramundi Fishing to the max


So it’s Xmas again which means it getting hot and the barramundi fishing is in full swing. Now not a lot changes when it comes to barramundi lures, I mean most barra fisherman still swear by the good old gold bomber.

But from time to time something new comes on to the market that really grabs your attention. Something that makes you stop dead and your tracks and think….

This could be the difference between me coming home with a meter plus barra, or facing the embarrassment of coming home empty handed and hearing stories from all of  your neighbour about the fantastic fishing trip that you should have been on with them last week.

Back to the point of this post.

That something new that you are looking for is about this year and hopefully Santa is going to bang a few in your stocking. So what is it?

It’s the new Balista LED range of lures. Now these suckers are not just another gimmick they have been scientifically tested at James Cook University in Cairns, and the testing turned up some extraordinary results.

There is no point me ratting on about it any longer, I will now pass you on to someone far more knowledgeable. Watch the YouTube video below to find out exactly what the findings were when these barramundi fishing lures were tested.

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It the construction game there is a saying we have that is tried and tested…

Proper planning prevents piss poor performance.

It would seem that this is also true when it comes to Barramundi Fishing. Why do I say that ? Well the other day I got my old mate Scuzz on the line and pumped him for some info about the tactic’s he was using to consistently pull meter plus Barra out of a hole in the Boyne River up in Gladstone

You see whilst Scuzz is consistently pulling out these meter plus beauties, there are many other fishermen sitting on the bank not getting a bite (Apart from mozzies and sandies) and going home empty handed.

Why is that so? We come back to that construction saying again. Scuzz puts a lot of time and effort into his preperation.

Anyway I will let him tell you all about it in the audio below!

Cheers Beanie


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